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man who carries a lot of weight with these voters isn't on my ballot, but he is on the radio. steve brown says he has a knack for heating things up. >> all right. finish the sentence for me 'cause we have heard this a million times. it's not ron paul i don't like. it's ron paul's supporters. >> supporters. >> the des moines register calls him a conservative blow torch. >> the problem pawlenty has is he didn't stand up to the high school quarterback and now he's picking on the captain of the cheerleading squad. >> now he's back on the radio air waves and that's bad news for the republican presidential field. >> what i want to do this time is traumatize pretty much all of them. >> he's part of a new iowa breed of republican activists. >> there is a new crop of evangelical conservatives who are unbending, uncompromising, and are tired of being told one thing when another thing happens and he is the mouthpiece of that movement. >> tim has seen when that mouthpiece can do. he worked for mitt romney's 08 iowa campaign and dace detests romney. >> with mitt romney, he has no record on any i
people in just this kind of situation. joining me on the phone is steve, a spokesperson for the red cross. steve, good to have you with us. >> nice being here, thank you. >> martha: steve, what do people need from you folks the most? >> right now, they need sheltering and feed going the things we are doing right now. we have 30 shelters open on long island. we are feeding those people. the next couple of days we will be opening feeding centers for people who don't have power. apparently that will be a large problem. >> martha: how many would you say you have in the shelters right now? >> right now we have 4,000. 4,000 of your favorite friends sleeping next to you. >> martha: how many people evacuated and came to the shelters as you would expect and help they would do? how many may still be stuck in their homes without food and power? >> i'm still in my hotel room. i can only tell you that i have spoken to people all over the island. there are a lot of people on long beach which is right on the water, who are stuck in their homes. >> martha: we are looking at pictures of that area now stev
candidate are using free goodie give aways to pull voters their way. steve broen brown is reporting. >> we're back at the straw polling. you can have in the actual balloting, two kind of winners. this line symbolizes, most common kind. they are standing in line at bachmann tent to get what is called a meat sundae. they put beef on top of mashed potatoes. bachmann tent, it's air-conditioned. they spent a lot of money. there high expectation. it's believed she could win the most votes here. rick santorum, a little more modest display. he could be another kind of winner. santorum spent single digits but because he has worked hard spent a lot of time in iowa there are a lot of folks might punch a ticket for rick san for am. i have seen predictions he could finish as high as fourth which is much higher than he is in standard polling. he could claim a moral victory. santorum you wouldn't expect to do well but he could claim a victory. bachmann picks a win, she could claim a traditional type of victory. we could have two types of victories out of straw poll. >> heather: thank you very much. i lik
texas. he said this. we can put up that quote. washington has piled on... >>> steve israel in charge of getting democratic members elected to congress. steve israel said. >> reporter: he goes to to say the downgrade is the direct result of roadblock republicans. so there you have it setting the stage for the congressional committee that is supposed to pave wait forward. we'll see which ones are chosen. >> heather: the finger pointing begins. thank you very much. >> rick: so what does this mean? america is now considered a risk jury investment than canada. more than a dozen countries have triple "a" ratesing. a double "a" plus which is now what we have puts us in the same league at knew zeed zeal and and belgium and puts up a notch of spain. china and japan are a double "a" minus. >> heather: one of most respected investors, warren buffett telling fox business network says the news, this is a quote, doesn't make sense, showing the confidence in the quality of u.s. credit. he tells fox business he would give the u.s. a quadruple "a" rating if he could. the chairman of bershire hathaway
to be doing next. tradition would suggest it is not likely at this point in time. >> steve brown, live from iowa, thank you. >>> chris wallace had a one-on-one sit-down with michelle bachmann. hear her plans for reaching the white house and what he thinks about governor perry. stay tuned to fox news channel 2 p.m. eastern to see the entire interview. >>> >> that was government now pawlenty. he's out. perry is officially in for the race for the white house. as iowa voters cast ballots yesterday perry stole a bit of the spotlight by announcing 1200 miles away in south carolina. jonathan serrie was there for the big announcement. >>> it is time to get america working again. that's why with the support of my family and unwavering belief in the goodness of america, i declare to you today as candidate for president of the united states. >> reporter: after serving 11 years as governor of texas, rick perry has his eyes set on the biggest office in the land. he made it known at the red state gathering in charleston, south carolina. >> we do not have to accept our current circumstances. we will chang
finger-pointing here in washington going into over drive. steve centanni has been monitoring the chatter. joins us with more on the blame game. >> reporter: lots of chatter. democrats and republicans blaming each other. david beers of standard & poor's says it is neither party. it is the financial and political landscape. he says it is a question of the worldwide economy too. >> a lot of what is worrying the markets is the unfolding story in europe. also, a perception a global perspective that the world economy may be slowing. i think the markets are reacting to a lot of factors not just what s&p said friday. >> reporter: beers suggest another downgrade is not out of the question. he predicts the debt burden of the u.s. government will continue rising for some years to come. for the political finger-pointing it 10 to be harsh with senator kerry laying the blame squarely on the tea party. >> there were some people in the republican party being, and mitch mcconnell admitted this, who wanted to default. he said there were people in his party who were willing to shoot the hostage. in the end
is dropping out of the race. our steve brown is live in ames, iowa with the latest, steve? there was some telegraphing of this move yesterday that pawlenty would be getting on a conference call this morning. he made it official on broadcast television today. abc' this week pawlenty announced he was leaving the race and then explained why. have a listen. >> there is a lot of factors that go into a campaign. some success raising money. we needed to continue that ames was a benchmark for that we didn't do well in ames we weren't going to have the fuel to keep the car going down the road but also, there is a lot of other choices in the race. for me what i brought forward i thought was a rational, established, credible, strong record of results based on governing two term governor of a state. i think the audience, so to speak, was looking for something different. >> getting back to that benchmark, the straw poll here at the iowa state university campus yesterday, pawlenty did a very respectable 2,000 plus votes out of 16,000 cast. the problem was the two other candidates got better than 4,000
. >>> friday's closing bell marks the fourth straight losing week sparks fears of a global recession. steve forbes will tell us if he thinks america is headed in that direction. >> we've asked to you reach us several ways, e-mail, facebook or twitter. let us know if you think another recession is on the way. ♪ ♪ we were skipping stones ♪ and letting go ♪ over the river and down the road ♪ ♪ she was waiting up around the bend ♪ ♪ smile at me and then you take my hand ♪ [ female announcer ] nature valley granola bars, where delicious ingredients like toasted oats, with rich dark chocolate, sweet golden honey, or creamy peanut butter come together in the most perfect combinations. ♪ i was thinking that i hope this never ends ♪ ♪ yah, i was just thinking ♪ i hope this will never end >>> on the surface, rick perry and george w. bush have a lot in common is but perry insists interest are differences. >> it was governor about perry's answer to our own carl cameron abouts question about the surface level similarities of george w. bush that really reconciled the bush loyali
are speaking out about the downgrade today and what needs to be done to get our economy back on track. steve centanni is live in washington. i know you are monitoring what they are saying this morning. a lot of finger-pointing, right? >> reporter: absolutely. one party blaming the other. a member of standard & poor's appeared and said no one party is to blame. >> this is really not about either political party. it is about the difficulty of all sides in finding a consensus around fiscal policy choices now and in the future. >> reporter: beers said congress and the white house are jointly responsible for our fiscal policy. >> jamie: i'm sure nobody in washington wants to deal with this. but it affects everybody the reputation and future not only of the president and the administration, but everybody in congress. how are they reacting this morning? defensive or optimistic that this is the right move for our future? >> reporter: as always, you have division on that. house budget committee chairman paul ryan agrees with beers, no one party is to blame. but says it is likely everyone will suffer
, but we do have some activity. you do have officials try to help you out. >> steve: we are watching local coverage. we had tips there might be a problem with this dam. i tell you the governor of the state of new york tour this had dam and did an inspection earlier today. their reporter is on the line with us, middleberg new york. what do you know about this situation that has some people believe there may have been a real problem with this dam. >> hi, there. i'm with the family. we are all a road here which is flooded on the north end and south end. we are stuck but middleberg has been evacuated where i am. we heard the gilboa dam sirens going off just about an hour ago and people have been trained. they hear that sound and it's scary for them. however, we are -- we understand that the dam has not been compromised at this point. that was precautionary measure because they lost contract with the folks over at the dam that are monitoring the situation. obviously we have been pummeled the rain has gone on for hours. like i said, i'm here with some families, residents here on the road in midd
that is fueling a new round of politics as usual. steve centani is live in washington. so the blame game in washington, what does the s&p say about that >> david beard says no one party is to blame of the down grading. >> this is not about either political party. it's about the difficulty of all sides in finding a consensus around fiscal policy choices. now and in the future. >> reporter: both congress and the white house are jointly responsible for our fiscal policy. >> heather: and how are are members of congress reacting? >> they agree no one party is to blame but it's likely everyone will suffer as a result. >>> that is very surprised of the downgrade, we saw it coming. we'll find out tomorrow what kind of spike in rates we're going to get. but obviously does it affect the federal government but it hurts people. >> reporter: ryan predicts interest rates on home loans and car loans will rise. he says because washington is not gotten the fiscal house in order. democrats disagree that month one party is to blame and they are not shy about naming who is responsible. >> it's a partial wak
it a different way on caucus day. that is politics in iowa. >> that is politics in a big way. all right. steve thank you so much from ames . fox news channel is your home for the ames straw poll vote. tune in at 5:00 eastern for a special report from life from iowa and huckabee at eight and hanity at nine . one magazine and a great controversy calling michelle bachmann the queen of rage. even sarah palin, the former alaska government. is this unfair in liz prada will give her take next. >> i look at the headline. queen of rage is worse than the picture. i don't think every day americans. if they think she is the queen of rage, not at all. i wasn't eating well. she's a dietitian. and she suggested i try boost complete nutritional drink to help get the nutrition i was missing. now i drink it everyday, and i love the great new taste. [ female announcer ] boost has 26 essential vitamins and minerals, including calcium and vitamin d to help keep bones strong and 10 grams of protein help maintain muscle. and boost has the taste that's preferred. your favorite patient is here! [ dad ] i choose being
solution. when they say that they mean one that includes revenues or taxes. >> steve centanni, thanks for that report. >> americans now considered a riskier investment than canada. more than a dozen countries have the rating including france, germany and great britain. america joins new zealand and belgium just a notch above spain. china and japan at aa-. >> billionaire warren buffet is speaking out saying the downgrade doesn't make sense. he says he's not worried about the american economy at all. if there were quadruple a rating he would give the u.s. that. buffet's company berkshire hathaway has 40 billion dollars in short treasury bills he has no plans to sell. he doesn't expect the downgrade to have much effect on the markets monday. >> how will this downgrade affect the already volatile market when it reopens monday. lauren, good to see you, what do you expect? >> all i have to say is pack your dramamine if you are an investor monday. it is going to be another wild ride. the past two weeks have been volatile. we've been up and down and in between. here's the thing, standard & po
obama made it that much worse. >> what does it mean and can we get our rating back? steve centanni live in washington with the latest. >> the president hasn't made any statements yet about this. but his press secretary, jay carney, has, by putting out a paper statement on the president's behalf and without making any direct reference to that s & p action downgrading our credit rating, carney talked about the president's intentions. he said, quote, over the coming weeks, the president will strongly encourage the bipartisan fiscal committee, as well as all members of congress to put our common commitments to a stronger recovery and sounder long-term fiscal path above our ideological differences differes we must do better our intentions to work together. >> thanks very much. >> arthel: we got it. here is -- concerns over what this downgrade means for them. will americans now start seeing interest rates rising on everything from credit cards to car loans? elizabeth mcdonald from the "fox business" network to break it all down. you guys have been really busy over there. let's start here. fir
Search Results 0 to 25 of about 26 (some duplicates have been removed)

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